Young Inuk hunter bags rare trophy

A young Inuk hunter from the Nunavut community of Arctic Bay has bagged a rare doubled tusked narwhal whose ivory should fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Tom Naqitarvik, 18, shot the five metre narwhal this month in Admiralty Bay, a three hour snowmobile ride from his home. As he pulled it from the sea, he discovered it had two tusks.

“It was unbelievable. I was too excited,” he told the Edmonton Journal.

The male Arctic whale, known as the “unicorn of the sea,” has a long, spiraled ivory tusk jutting from its mouth. The tusk develops from one of two teeth and grows to a length of up to three metres.

On rare occasions, both teeth form tusks. Scientists don’t know why or how often it happens, but the double tusked animals are extremely valuable.

Naqitarvik’s narwal has one tusk 2.1 metres long and another measuring 1.9 metres.

“Last year, from Iqaluit, somebody caught a double tusk, like six feet long, and this year he sold it for $90,000,” he said.

Naqitarvik said he’s already received a call from a person in Montreal offering him $30,000. He plans to use the internet to auction it to the highest bidder.

Naqitarvik, the youngest of 12 children, shot his first narwhal at age 12. He said his father didn’t believe guess factory it when he first heard the news of the double tusker.

“Our parents were down south at the time and w guess factory hen mom found out she was laughing and almost crying,” Tom’s sister Darlene Naqitarvik said. “We are very proud of our baby brother.”

Liberal candidate Jack Uppal in hot water over Facebook post

An Ottawa area Liberal candidate has landed in hot water over remarks about the differences between men and women which appeared earlier this year on his Facebook page.

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Young golf guns gain plenty of experience

This is why 15 and 16 year old girls are winning LPGA events.

And this is why young guns on the PGA Tour aren afraid of Tiger Woods anymore.

With all the tours, tournaments, clinics and other 18 hole battlefields out there sharpening young games and hardening young wills, it no wonder these kids are good.

the experience we get out here makes a big difference, said 16 year old Matt Codd, who capped his hectic summer schedule by winning th guess factory e McLeann Ross Sun Junio guess factory r Golf Tour on Monday guess factory at Wolf Creek. had three weeks in a row where I had a four day tournament, a three day tournament and a four day tournament.

I had five days off and was off to Nova Scotia for another four day event. Over guess factory the course of the summer I probably played 12 to 15 events.

are one dayers, like McLennan Ross, but a lot of the Alberta Golf and CN Future Links are three and four day events.

ridiculous the amount of sponsors we get out here. They really make these tournaments happen. is so much competition and instruction and live fire training available these days that kids are not only miles ahead of where they were 20 years ago, and they practically fearless. It highly unlikely any of the 120 kids who played in the hot sun at Wolf Creek on Monday is going to win an LPGA or PGA event, but everyone is better for the experience.