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I just got in m guess y order for tea from my new supplier and am looking for taste testers. I will send you one ounce of tea in a baggie for $3.00 US (my foil lined baggies have not arrived yet. so t guess hese will be in zip locks) . Add 50c US each for shipping. I have seen sample bags of one ounce of tea go for $4.50 US each. this could be a one time offer. The selection is as f guess ollows:Type/ounces availableRooibos Chocolate Mint x 4Sweet Caramel Black Tea (Black Tea with bits of caramel in it). x 4Chocolate Bliss Black Tea (Chocolate tea with bits of cocoa in it!) x4Almond Bisco guess tti Black Tea x4Rooibos Macadamia Nut x4Mate x4Mate Tiramisu x4 Caramel Banana Fruit Tea x 4 (2 oz bags only at 5.00)ADDED:Vanilla Chai x 4Asisan Cherry Rose Green Tea x4Buttered Rum Black Tea x4Caramel Cherry Cheesecake Black Tea x4I will include a free samples of other teas in each order how many will depend on how big your order. ALL TEAS from reputable rs. PayPal only. Will ship on Saturday morning for US destinations. If interst is large enough, I may add more ounces to the available list. Thanks!

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