you’re more likely to get a second chance if you’re white

Back to Main MenuCelebrationsFraud PreventionManage Your AdPlace an AdEach had a life altering encounter with police two summers ago that grew from trivial events. Smith was jaywalking on East 65th Street near Fleet Avenue; Orr was driving south on Interstate 71 at night with an unlighted rear license plate.Anthony Smith Jr.Stopped for jaywalking. Pled guilty after police found one rock of crack cocaine. Not granted intervention.Neither had a criminal history to speak of, according to court records. But Cleveland police, citing concern for “officer safety,” frisked jaywalker Smith and found one rock of crack cocaine in his right front pants’ pocket. Linndale police said Orr gave them p guess factory ermission to guess factory search his 1993 Ford. They also found a rock of crack, beneath the passenger seat.Both are now convicted felons a fact, in the words of one Cuyahoga County judge, that “can ruin your job prospects forever.” is not a convicted felon, even though his offense was more serious and his record worse.Dontez OrrStopped for unlighted license plate. Pled guilty after police found one rock of crack. Not granted intervention.Biddulph, who is white, listed a Westlake address and could afford to hire his own lawyer. He was given a second chance to remain felony free.He was pulled over last summer after a pre dawn chase over several blocks on Cleveland’s West Side. Police caught Biddulph with roughly three times more crack than either Smith or Orr had. He also had three crack pipes and 10 pieces of burned Chore Boy a steel wool product commonly used as a crack pipe filter. All contained residue of smoked cocaine. Pled guilty after poli guess factory ce found crack and paraphernalia. Granted intervention.A year earlier, Biddulph, 37, had been charged with robbery, a felony, for stealing three small bottles of Merlot and some cold medicine from a Drug Mart in Lakewood and then trying to run down a security guard and nearly striking a store detective with his car as he escaped down Detroit Avenue, laughing and giving store officials “the finger” as he pulled away.He later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge misdemeanor assault in Lakewood Municipal Court.Facing a felony drug possession charge from last year’s arrest, Biddul guess factory ph pleaded guilty, just as Smith and Orr had. But Biddulph was granted “intervention in lieu of conviction,” meaning that his case will disappear if he follows instructions and behaves for a year. All evidence of the drug charge could be wiped from the public record.

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