You almost had me at polypropylene tote bags

I was at Publix one early Sunday morning, cash in hand, w aiting to purchase three precious items needed to cure the aftermath of a late night at Splitsville (aspirin, bottled water and Cheetos), when the cashier asked me if I wanted a Publix totehuh?

I left Publix with my new tote that carried my three precious items and was told that from now on I would simply take my new tote along every time I went shopping at Publix and never again will I contribute to the growing issue of the overabundance, pollution and waste of plastic and paper bags.

Even though polypropylene tote bags are made from synthetic materials (mostly from crude oil), they are produced with much less toxins than the regular throw away plastic bags and are easier to recycle. Also, these grocery totes are water resistant, beating out the durability of a paper bag that can get wet and moldy.

Although my head was pounding and was in dire need of my precious items, I was simply over the moon to finally be part of this green wagon all of my friends have seemly jumped on. I reeled in delight of announcing to them that from now on, the cupboard under my kitchen sink will never again be crammed with plastic bags full of plastic bags.

Except that was the first and last time my new reusable shopping tote carried any of my shopping

What do I do now with the three dozen reusable polypropylene tote bags I now own?

Publix recommends keeping the tote in the driver’s side door or on the passenger seat. I tried this and discovered that leaving it on the passenger seat helped except when I had a passenger in the car I would move the tote to the back seat and well, “out of sight, out of mind.”

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