You Are What You Eat Meal Planner

7:30 B guess factory risk 30 minute walk

8:15 1 punnet of blackberries

30 minutes later: buckwheat porridge with oats with ground seeds (try flax, sesame, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seeds) or tahini. Just cook 1/2 cup of buckwheat per person in 2 3 times the amount of water with the lid on until all the water is absorbed. Serve and stir in ground seeds or tahini.

10:15 Radishes sprinkled with sesame seeds.

12:00 Go for a brisk 20 minute walk

12:30 Fennel and hazelnut soup with sprouted bean salad (p.101 of cookbook for soup). Make enough soup for 2 days. 1 Living foods energy bar.

6:00 Walk for 20 minutes then skip for 10 minutes.

6:30 Chicken breast with stir fried vegetables; Chop up the chicken breasts and marinate in lemon juice and tamari. Finely shred some red cabbage, cut carrots and courgettes into batons, finely chop some garlic and ginger and chop some broccoli into small florets. Fry the garlic and guess factory ginger gently in olive oil or coconut oil, add the other ingredients and cook until the chicken is cooked through. Serve and sprinkle with nori flakes.9:00 Natural soya yoghurt with hemp seeds.

Soak some chickpeas to sprout ready for dinner on Wednesday.7:15 1 glass warm water

1 nettle tea

8:15 1 pear

30 minutes later: Barley miso soup (p. 74 of cookbook)

10:30 Carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger juice: juice 2 carrots, 2 stalks of celery, a small beetroot and a chunk of ginger root.

12:00 Go for a brisk 20 minute walk

12:30 Fennel and hazelnut soup from yesterday with bean salad; use tinned or sprouted beans with grated vegetables such as courgettes, carrots, swede, squash with a lemon, oil and tamari dressing and fresh herbs.

6:00 Go for a 15 20 minute cycle ride or walk.

6:3 guess factory 0 Mushroom stroganoff (see p. 168 of cookbook) with millet. Make extra millet for breakfast tomorrow

8:15 1 pear

30 minutes later: Reheat the left over millet from last guess factory night in extra water or rice milk until the liquid is absorbed. Serve and stir in some hazelnut butter and natural soya yoghurt.

12:00 Go for a brisk 20 minute walk

12:30Sardine salad; combine a tin of sardines with mixed salad leaves, herbs, cherry tomatoes and a sliced avocado.