year journey after being frozen in

Karlee plans to move to Illinois and join her new husband, but first she must find a surgeon to fix the stump of the leg she had amputated.Over the years, she’s had a number of surgeries. The latest was at the Shriners Hospital For Children in Montreal, but the surgeon will no longer see the 22 year old.”Now she’s telling me that I’m too old, even though I was 22 when I had the surgery and she told me she would see me in six months,” Karlee said Friday.She’s been fitted with a prosthetic leg, but can’t wear it because the stump is over sensitive.Every day, the tiny young woman is painfully reminded of Feb. 23, 1994 as she moves around her Moose Jaw apartment on crutches.”Right now, I have so much pain,” Karlee said. “I’m working on trying to numb the pain first and then be able to wear a prosthesis.”Her constant pain goes back to a frigid February day two decades ago when she froze to death outside her Rouleau home in the wee hours of the morning. that day in 1994, the tot followed her father, Robert, outside as he was leaving for his shift work job in Regina. The spring loaded door shut, preventing Karlee from getting back into the house.Robert recalls Karlee coming downstairs while he was getting ready for work. He sent her back upstairs to sleep with her mom before he left.”I still remember the light in the garage that I hadn’t shut off and I can remember clearly that I thought it could just wait until later probably one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made,” he said. “It was cold and stormy. If I’d taken two minutes, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. But then again, maybe something worse would have happened.”Wearing only a skijacket and boots over her nightgown and diaper in 22 C weather with a substantial windchill, Karlee’s little body froze in about 10 minutes. Her mother, Karrie, found her about six hours later.Panicked, Karrie alerted two nurses in town and phoned Robert at work.”She was really excited and I tried to be the calm one initially,” Robert said. “I asked her, ‘Have you called someone? What are you doing about it?’ She kept saying, ‘She’s frozen.”I looked at my boss and I said, ‘I need the number for the ambulance.’ And he said, ‘Dial 9 1 1′ and I said: ‘We don’t have 9 1 1 in Rouleau’ and he said, ‘You’re not in Rouleau.'”Robert beat the ambulance on the 55 kilometre trip to Rouleau.”That was important because it allowed us to start CPR,” said Fry, who recalled the heart wrenching details nine days later. “If they hadn’t done it, she would have been too frozen.”While it was urgent to get Karlee to the Plains Health Centre as quickly guess canada as possible, Fry put a breathing tube down the little girl’s throat and gave her heart medication.”We wanted to get oxygen into what little blood we were pumping. We wanted to get oxygen to her brain,” Fry said, adding Peck and Benoit assisted on the harrowing trip to the Plains.While this was going on, Rempel was behind the wheel of the ambulance. As she blasted through the blizzard, guess canada Rempel plowed through snow drifts each bump fe guess canada lt in the back.Following the a guess canada mbulance in a vehicle driven by Robert’s father, Robert, Karrie and Karlee’s grandmother were beside themselves with worry.”I kept looking at the speedometer and thought, ‘As long as they don’t slow down, there is a chance.’ The weather wasn’t that good, but thank God they didn’t slow down because I don’t know what I would have done,” Robert said.A team of doctors, including two heart surgeons and Dr. Joy Dobson, waited at the doors of the Plains Health Centre’s ER.

year jail sentence for his attackers From The Argus

University of Brighton journalism student Ben Hutchings, 21, said he thought he was “going to die” when he was attacked with a hammer, tied up with electrical cables, partially stripped, dumped in a body bag and driven to woodland.

And he said he was not happy with the sentencing handed down at Hove Crown Court.

Sam Simon, 21, of Earl Street, Hastings, was jailed for six years for the attack plus three years for drugs offences, Alex Simon, 17, of Earl Street, Hastings, was jailed for four years, Muham Muhammet “Melik” Yalcin, 20, of Kenilworth Road, St Leonards, was jailed for five years, and Artur Oganesyan, 23, of Stanley Road, Hastings, was jailed for two years.

All were convicted of or admitted false imprisonment.

Jowed Ghemati, 27, of Holmhurst Lane, St Leonards, who was not involved in the attack on Mr Hutchings but subsequently visited him at home in Hastings and offered him 5,000 to drop the case, was jailed for one year after being convicted of witness intimidation.

The court was told Ghemati was shouted down by Mr Hutchings’ landlady, Caroline Sussex, who told him guess canada she was from Hackney and would not stand for his nonsense.

Mr Hutchings was lured to Sam Simon’s home with the promise of a game of Grand Theft Auto on their computer.

But on arriving at the house the men intent on settling an alleged debt launched the horrifying attack on Mr Hutchings.

After the hammer attack,t guess canada ying him and taking him to woodland in the body bag the men discussed burying him.

The thugs also visited his girlfriend and made threats to her and afterwards he was so scared he wanted to leave Hastings.

Anthony Waller, defending Sam Simon, admitted: “Apart from his guilty plea there is little mitigation.”

Ben Kaplinski, defending Alex Simon, admitted it was a “brutal and outrageous crime”.

But he added the chemistry student was “not inherently criminal”.

Barry Myers, defending Oganesyan, said his involvement was in driving the group to and from the woods. “He is the least sophisticated,” he added.

Steve Wedd, defending Yalcin, said he had guess canada b guess canada een “summoned by Sam Simon” and acted out of loyalty to him.

Recorder Dafydd Enoch QC, sentencing the five, said ringleader Sam Simon was “out of control”.

“He is not purely malevolent,” he said, before adding he believed he would offend again.

Describing Mr Hutchings, he said: “He thought he was going to die.

“He could have suffered a fractured skull. He could’ve bled to death.”

He described how his attackers said things during the attack including “I am going to torture you bruv” and “just kill him”.

He said Mr Hutchings must have felt “terror”.

Speaking afterwards, Detective Sergeant Michael Burnage said: “Sam Simon lured his friend to his home with the sole intention of torturing and robbing him.

“He was subjected to a horrific and sustained attack.

“The victim was left terrified he was going to be murdered.”

Bring back the death sentence! These twisted evil lowlife should never be free to roam our streets! My heart goes out to the victim of this cowardly unprovoked attack. I pray he recovers from this hideous ordeal and goes on to live a happy fulfilled life.

Bring back the death sentence! These twisted evil lowlife should never be free to roam our streets! My heart goes out to the victim of this cowardly unprovoked attack. I pray he recovers from this hideous ordeal and goes on to live a happy fulfilled life.