Yorkshire tea bags are no longer on offer in Tesco

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Yorkshire Graduate Recruitment Fair

11am 3pm, The Edge, University of LeedsRipe4 Resourcing

Organisation’s Profile:Ripe4 were established in early 2005 as an International Executive Search firm specialising in Operational Excellence. Ripe4 have since gr guess.c guess.ca a own to 2 large offices across the UK (Leeds and Covent Garden, London guess.ca ) servicing World Class organisations across the whole of EMEA.

Opportunities:Ripe4 are seeking top level graduates with the capacity to earn while they learn. We want to see those people who have the ability to excel in everything they do. We have a select number of guess.ca opportunities for the cr de la cr of graduates to become Trainee International Executive Recruitment Consultants, Specialist Researchers and Resource Consultants both in Leeds and London following a career path that sees our top performers earning well over under our 3 year development plan.

Essential Requirements:First Class or Upper Class Degree, ideally in any European language, science, engineering or business related discipline. You should have a natural affinity towards sales, bags of charisma and be target with a competitive streak. In return you can expect a well defined career path and good financial rewards.